Three minutes of iPad Magic generating more than three million views on YouTube. Sensational events in underground tunnels. Made-to-measure event and conference travel arrangements to Hong-Kong, New Orleans, Rio and Åre. More than one thousand co-workers in a mind-blowing kick-off ten meters above terra firma. Step2 is all of this, equally at home with events both major and minor.

Our background

Step2 Communication AB was founded in May 2000. The agency is led by senior event and meetings specialists and project managers. With a best-in-class team of event coordinators, production leaders, creative directors and event production and communication partners, we produce events and meetings that trigger audience inspiration and participation, and deliver business results way beyond initial expectations.

We focus not only on creating events and meetings that are genuinely out of the ordinary but also on what the participants should feel and learn and subsequently do in order to meet the objectives of our customers. This is what “step2” is all about: to not only deliver a successful meeting or event, but also to make sure the results are reflected in the next step of business improvement.

In November 2017 Step2 Communication became one of the largest shareholders in Åre Konferens & Event AB, thereby reinforcing our former cooperation and strengthening both companies’ resources and partner networks. The combination of our two companies’ experience and knowhow put us in an unrivalled position to produce meetings and events of superior quality in both Åre and other parts of the Northern hemisphere and Arctic region.

Our method

From the very first seed of a concept to the live event and follow-up activities, we coordinate and produce meetings and events of every kind. We only work with the very best in each area of expertise such as video production, animations, VR/AR, dialogue and participant interaction tools, music and entertainment, team-building, food and catering, copywriting, speaker coaching, and so on. Together with our business partners, we are constantly developing new concepts and innovative solutions specifically designed to boost meeting results and contribute to our customers’ business performance.

Our philosophy

Our basic philosophy is that a meeting should be fun for all concerned, yet without losing track of the business objectives. We call it serious fun. We always focus primarily on the audience when we start drafting the concept and content of an event. For instance, an audience could consist of your co-workers who you want to embrace and adhere to your company’s new strategies or values, or perhaps it’s your customers who you would like to convert to company loyalists or ambassadors. The messages that you will then want your audience to absorb must be relevant and meaningful to them, you therefore have to script your story around them.