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The way you tell your story crucially determines whether or not it will inspire your audience, move them in the right direction or even be remembered. At Step2 we don’t attempt to alter your narrative, only the manner in which you tell it so that the impact of your story will surpass even your highest expectations.


A truly inspiring meeting is one in which the participants feel that the story communicated is highly relevant to them and their individual situation and that their own thoughts on the message conveyed are important to others. Having produced over 800 meetings and events, we’ve learned that having fun is perhaps the most important trigger factor for audience participation and learning. Our methods and tools are therefore specifically designed for fun interaction.


To gain the full attention of your audience, and make sure that they truly embrace, understand and remember your story, you have to surprise them. In an era when we are constantly bombarded with flash news and all manner of attention-grabbing phenomena, it’s hard to surprise anyone. But never impossible. Sometimes you need to step into the unknown in order to tune a new wavelength into the minds of your audience.

Together against Loneliness

Axfood Supplier Conference

Safari Urbain Sthlm

Sveriges Ingenjörer’s
150-year anniversary

Coca-Cola Annual Event

Karolinska Institutet’s 200-year anniversary

Stockholm – It’s not a coincidence

iPad Act Magical Stockholm Act Charlie Caper and Erik Rosales

Stockholm iPad Act

The Polhem Prize





A selection of all the clients we’ve been working with over the years

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