In order to improve their market offering, payment provider and mass-payment clearing house Bankgirot was facing a major organisational restructuring and change management programme. All employees were affected. Step2 was asked to create and produce a kick-off event that would prepare the organisation for the radical change journey on which they were about to embark.


We orchestrated an internal kick-off meeting for the whole organisation, at which the purpose, objectives and rollout plan were communicated. The kick-off was followed up with a three-month internal communications campaign. The purpose of this campaign was to break down the overall objectives and rollout plan into individual objectives and action plans for each unit/division, a critical element in the process of ensuring that the change programme would succeed in its aims. Campaign information was mainly distributed via large white message boards centrally located in every unit, in coffee rooms for instance, making it impossible to miss and creating a hot topic of conversation.


The kick-off and follow-up campaign proved to be a highly efficient way of stimulating employee engagement in and understanding of the change programme.