Every year grocery retailer Hemköp gathers store owners, store managers and customer service managers for a two-day conference to discuss and reach agreement on a future strategy for business and customer service improvements and expansion plans.

Solution / Results

Latching onto Hemköp’s employee slogan ”The store is your stage”, Step2 used the inside of a typical Hemköp store as a communications and design platform for the conference. Live video feeds from actual Hemköp stores were broadcast on screens located in selected areas of the store model that had been constructed at the conference venue. This setup created a real-life simulation of a day at an ordinary Hemköp store, making it significantly easier for conference delegates to study, understand and discuss today’s and tomorrow’s operations from different angles.

With the aid of interactive digital dialogue tools, it was a simple matter for the delegates to answer questions addressed to the whole audience, or to selected groups, and to vote on important strategic issues. They could also use the dialogue tools to put questions to Hemköp management, publicly or anonymously, enabling the management team to append these questions to the conference agenda.