Safari Urbain Sthlm


In cooperation with companies, schools and local authorities in Stockholm, the film-making company Film Capital Stockholm brought back to life forgotten places, monuments and buildings in the film project Smart Creative City. With their pilot study ”Safari Urbain Sthlm” challenging the Swedish Allemansrätten (Right of Public Access ) with an Urban Right of Public Access, the project involved the French artist Julien Nonnon’s creative art installation, featuring animals dressed up as humans, being projected on various buildings around Stockholm.

Step2:s mission was to coordinate the project logistics and trigger a viral social media campaign before, during and after the art installation event.


Via the project’s Instagram account, the art installation safari was streamed live and the account’s followers were encouraged to go and watch the animals being projected at the next location. So as to boost the safari’s underlying message and attract more attention from passers-by, a jungle choir performed and sang Jungle Jingles along the urban safari trail.


Thanks to a creative and highly effective tactical marketing plan and innovative logistic solutions, Step2 helped Film Capital Stockholm bring the safari and its cause to the attention of the general public. We were also instrumental in strengthening Film Capital Stockholm’s digital profile and social media communications platform.


Film Capital Stockholm

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