Stockholm – It’s not a coincidence


In 2014 Stockholm Business Region commissioned Step2 to build a new magical storytelling vehicle for the Stockholm Story aimed at investors, talents and international companies.


Since the story about Stockholm’s attractive properties tends to be heavily weighted with facts, we needed to spice it up a little with some magical fun yet without letting the magic detract from the core messages. The solution was to create a card trick on video that magically simplified the facts in a fun way. The high-tech magician and illusionist Charlie Caper was brought in to do the trick.


It was a viral success, attracting more than 700 000 views on YouTube. Having won several international awards, it’s been shown on television in many countries and translated into several languages. The video has been frequently used by Stockholm Business Region and its subsidiaries at various events and in several communications campaigns.

Award winning

Winner of the European Excellence Awards 2014, category “International Communication”


Stockholm Business Region

In cooperation with

Charlie Caper

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