Sveriges Ingenjörer’s 150-year anniversary


The main objective of the event was to make the Association’s members feel honoured and proud of being engineers, while at the same time commemorating the Association’s 150-year history and its members’ importance to Sweden’s business and social development. The theme and storytelling had to be designed in a modern and future-oriented fashion.

Solution / Results

The gala evening was created as a journey through time starting from the formation of the Association and leading up to the present day, with the story focused mainly on the innovations and technical breakthroughs achieved by Swedish engineers over the past 150 years. The story was divided into three 50-year episodes, with a film being produced for each episode highlighting the most important technical events and innovations contributing to the development of society.

The jubilee event was combined with the annual Polhem Gala in 2011 and held at The National Museum of Science and Technology. With a winning blend of elegance and humour, well-known author, lecturer and TV personality Karin Adelsköld acted as our highly appreciated storyteller and gala hostess. Svante Drake, ConRytmo and Adolphson & Falk kept the audience entertained throughout the evening.

Another highlight of the evening was a speech given by Sweden’s one and only astronaut, Christer Fuglesang, who had carried the Polhem commemorative coin with him up into space. Then, shortly after his speech, Crown Princess Victoria awarded the Polhem Prize to the winning nominee Georgios Psaros for his ground-breaking research in the area of anesthetic and respiratory systems in healthcare.


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